Monday, June 15, 2009

June 2009

023. 24''x24'', Acrylic on canvas, Untitled

024. 16''x16'', Water colour on paper, Untitled

025. 16''x14'', Water colour on paper, Untitled

026. 16''x14'', Water colour on paper, Untitled


  1. I love the shells. Just enough calligraphic-like brush strokes and dramatic values to make it sing.

  2. Water Colors are excellent!!!
    Banibrata Podder

  3. Your SMS of big thought about the PARENTS - "will always live with you!" in itself shows your pattern of sound thinking and thoughts which is reflected in your day-to-day art, whether abstract or realistic paintings, as I know you have too mastered the landscaping/sketching art which has in turn reflected in your Abstract art.
    You teach in a college J.J. School of Applied Arts, a deemed institute, from which I had graduated in the year 1974. Since than I am into advertising field and run an agency "EXEL ART" wherein you were associated with us; your career started with us after your graduation as a merit holder. I feel a painter who has studied applied arts and worked in the industry is in a better position to reflect his thoughts purely thru fine arts. Your colour and layout sense is seen in your paintings only because of deep study of the subjects whether commercial or fine arts.
    Well your upbringing in a family of culture and virtues is translated in your work of arts. Your parents have really played a vital role to make your life so colourful and satisfying. That is why your paintings reflect the vibrancy of colours and composition of balance unparallel and to a viewer what you perceive is translated into your abstract art and they interpret the same thoughts as yours.
    I think it is the subline satisfaction you have while painting brings you in the foreground and also what you have learned is given back to the society in the form of teaching. Infact teaching keeps you update with the trends of painting as the process of learning in life is unending.
    Your mastery of water colours, mix medias and oil paints is a class by itself. I daily see one of the landscape painting which I have of yours, duly hanged at my residence which inspire and gives satisfaction as I view the painting on and often.
    Jagat Sheth
    11.00 am